Truth About Testosterone Review – Is The PDF BY Mike Geary Worth Buying?

If you are struggling with issues such as low libido, excess fat, low confidence, and low ambition, then you may be chalking it up to aging as many men do. But, Mike Geary says that aging isn’t the issue and that your symptoms can all come from one important hormone being out of balance. Mike says he can help you get that hormone back in balance and get rid of the unwanted symptoms. But how can he do that? This review of The Truth About Testosterone will look at the ‘fix’ he’s offering and whether or not it is actually worth buying.

What Do You Get With The Truth About Testosterone?

Everything is delivered to you in an eBook format. As of this Truth About Testosterone review, Mike is offering the main information along with a few bonuses.

  • The Truth About Testosterone manual: This is the main eBook and you will learn all about your testosterone levels, estrogen levels, and how to start balancing out your hormones through diet and simple lifestyle tweaks. You will also learn how you may be suppressing your testosterone levels, even if you think you are boosting them thanks to popular ‘technique’s that you may have heard somewhere.
  • Secrets Of Male Vitality: This is a bonus that will help you understand how to get more oxygen into your cells, which will improve everything in your body, including circulation, energy, and sexual performance.
  • Food For Thought: This is a bonus meant to bust myths around dieting and calorie counting and teach you how nutrition really works in your body for better overall health. It’s your wake up call to stop eating certain foods – even if you thought they were healthy – and start eating in a way that boosts your health.
  • Quick Start Guide: Just like it sounds, this is a guide that will help you quickly understand what you need to do to start optimizing your hormones. You don’t need to read the whole Truth About Testosterone manual today, but the 7 action steps (discussed further here) in this quick start guide should be read and implemented quickly.

How Does It Work?

It’s hard to hear, but Mike says that if estrogen is out of balance, you are experiencing unwanted symptoms – excess fat in places you don’t want fat, low confidence, and low libido – because you are slowly being ‘feminized’. Not just your body, but your brain too.

Mike says that testosterone injections are not the answer. They actually cause more harm because they cause your body to lose its ability to produce hormones naturally, which means you will be dependent on testosterone injections for the rest of your life.

Mike also says that it’s not just about boosting testosterone, it’s also about decreasing estrogen in the body, and that’s what this information will help you do.

This program works to:

  • Remove the excess estrogen from the body.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Increase the production of testosterone.
  • Increase lean muscle.
  • Stop ingestion of estrogen from natural sources.
  • Slow down aging.
  • Reduce belly fat produced by estrogen.
  • Stop converting unused testosterone into estrogen.

And it does it through lifestyle tweaks and natural methods, which means that your diet is going to change as you learn about the foods that are forcing excess estrogen into your body and find alternatives to them. You will find yourself feeling better and you will learn how to once and for all get out of the cycle of high estrogen and low testosterone.

Note: Click here to learn more about the program from the “official” website.

Who Is Mike Geary?

Mike is a certified nutrition specialist and has been a personal trainer for 15 years. He wrote a bestselling eBook focused on getting six pack abs, as well as other books that are geared towards burning fat and slowing down aging. For this eBook, he has partnered with Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D. who has been using natural methods, such as supplements and diet, to improve the health of men.

The Positive Reviews

  • Information is from a nutrition specialist and doctor who have both been focused on improving the health of men through natural methods.
  • No costly testosterone supplementation needed.
  • Help your body make more testosterone.
  • Decrease the amount of estrogen in your body in a safe manner.
  • Reduce your chances of obesity and type 2 diabetes as you lower the amount of estrogen in your body.
  • Learn about sneaky ways you are ingesting estrogen and then put a stop to it.
  • You should gain increased energy, libido, and confidence as your hormones start to balance out.
  • You should start to lose that stubborn fat on your belly and in other areas as your hormones start to balance out.
  • You should have an easier time building lean muscle mass thanks to your increase in testosterone.

The Negative Reviews

  • You may need to change your diet around a bit, which can be hard for some people who have certain eating habits.

Where To Buy Truth About Testosterone

You can buy the PDF and all of the bonuses from Mike Geary’s main site (open official site in new window). Because it is an eBook, you will be able to access all the information within minutes of ordering, including the quick start guide so that you can get started fixing your issues today.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee, which means that if you find the information doesn’t help you, you can simply contact them and ask for a full refund within 60 days of ordering.

Does The Info Actually Work?

The big thing to note is that it’s not your fault you are losing testosterone and gaining estrogen. Mike says that we are exposed to estrogen everywhere, even if we don’t know it.

If you have been feeling more feminine than masculine, then this review should have you excited. It’s apparent that aging has nothing to do with losing your masculinity, and by fixing the estrogen/testosterone balance you can start to gain back that energy, confidence, and libido that you are entitled to as a male.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a testosterone supplement, you now know that’s not the answer as it’s unhealthy and dangerous. You need to reduce the estrogen in your body if you want to eliminate your feminine symptoms and help your body make more testosterone. Mike’s program promises to help you do that.

There is no more denying that our diet influences everything in our body, including our hormones, and if a nutrition specialist like Mike says that he knows how to fix our hormonal issues through diet, then it seems better to listen to him than constantly searching Google for answers that may or may not be true. Therefore, I recommend Truth About Testosterone to help you decrease unwanted symptoms and start feeling masculine again.