Are Supplements With Forskolin Safe?

Not every supplement is safe for use. Natural products can have serious side effects for some people, especially if combined with other medicine. As forskolin starts to become more popular in the health industry, a lot of people are wondering if they’re safe. Here’s what the research is telling us.

Is Forskolin Safe By Itself?

Supplements that contain forskolin have been shown to be safe. There are some studies that show that forskolin taken intravenously can cause low blood pressure, or when inhaled can cause cough or throat irritation; however, when taken as a supplement, there are no known side effects or issues.

You may see some reviews that claim side effects, such as sleeplessness, lack of focus, or irritability; however, those side effects have not been shown in controlled studies and may have more to do with the individual’s personal life, and any dieting efforts they are undertaking, than the supplement containing forskolin.

In one study, forskolin was tested against many things, including the safety of the supplement on general markers of health. The results after 12 weeks were that forskolin had no apparent side effects.

Safe When Pregnant?

While there are no long-term studies that forskolin can affect pregnancy, it is important to take precautions and avoid any unnecessary supplements or treatments during pregnancy.

Safe With Other Natural Ingredients?

Some supplements combine forskolin with other natural ingredients to promote weight loss. This is not known to cause any issues and is generally considered safe.

In fact, when combined with other ingredients, forskolin can have a very positive effect on weight loss. For instance, forskolin combined with artichoke extract have been shown to have more positive effects on weight loss than just taking one or the other.

Safe While Taking Other Medications?

Forskolin has many other benefits besides helping with weight loss. It has been used to treat a wide variety of things, including irritable bowel syndrome, blood clots, insomnia, high blood pressure, and urinary tract infections. If forskolin is combined with a medication that promotes the same benefit that it does, then the benefit may be multiplied and turn into a drawback.

Therefore, if you are on a medication for high blood pressure, forskolin supplements may work with those medications and cause your blood pressure to go to too low. This is just a consideration to keep in mind. While, studies have shown that forskolin does lower blood pressure on its own, it does not do it dramatically.

“Systolic blood pressure changes were not shown to be statistically significant across time…” – Wiley Online Library

Alternatively, people who are on medications to help slow blood clotting should avoid forskolin because it may also help to slow blood clotting.

In the end, supplements that contain forskolin are safe for the majority of the population. Most adults do not have any unwanted side effects whether the supplement contains just forskolin or another ingredient that promotes weight loss. Moreover, combined with other weight loss ingredients, the benefits may be even greater.