Summer Workouts For Beating The Heat & Getting Fit

Winter months are often some of the best times of the year to workout. The cooler temperatures make bringing up a little body heat well worth the effort. However, as the temperature begins to rise with the coming of summer that idea can quickly turn sour. Especially if you live in an area where the temps can climb into the 100s and beyond, the idea of breaking a sweat may not be so welcome.

“Sizzling summer temperatures can put the brakes on the best-laid plans to remain active. When heat and humidity spike, much of our energy is used to cool our bodies via sweating, which diminishes the energy we have to devote to other activities.” – Huffington Post

Beach Workout

For those who wish to maintain their levels of activity throughout the summer you’ll have to make a few adjustments both mentally as well as physically.

Your Mental Perception

In order to maintain a strong fitness level you must consider your workout and health as a part of your normal routine and not just something that you add on to your day. Your mental approach to your fitness may be the key ingredient that will get you to your workouts even when the temperature is against you; however, that should not be your only mental goal. You’ll have to make conscious decisions to push yourself in the right direction in both your diet and routines. When the heat gets to you and you need something to cool down why not reach for a cold glass of seltzer or mineral water instead of the traditional bottled water. The extra fizz can be very stimulating without adding the extra calories. Take an afternoon nap when the heat reaches its peak and get out of the house whenever you can.

Activity Doesn’t Always Have to Be a Workout

Activity is activity and it can come in many different forms. Get in that extra physical activity when you do your chores. Rather than pushing a cart through your supermarket try carrying a hand basket in both hands instead. Wash your car yourself instead of going to the car wash. With some careful thought you can turn just about any normal activity into a workout and kill two birds with one stone. Choose to run when you can walk and stand when you could sit and your results will soon begin to show.

Change Your Meals

Summer heat is the one time when more people suffer from dehydration, so take that into consideration when you’re planning your meals. Switch up your foods so that you can make sure that you’re getting enough water in your diet. Choose fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables with a high water content but that will also supply your body with the necessary nutrients needed to get you through your day. Avoid eating extremely heavy meals as digesting them can be very taxing to your body. Instead, choose lighter foods, and a more leisurely approach to your diet.

Water, Water, Water

Drink more water than you think you’ll need. This will not only help you to cope with the heat but also help prevent dehydration. Rather than waiting until you feel the pangs of thirst, try taking in fluids on a schedule. In this way, your hydration level will not drop causing your energy to wane. Most people do not realize that they are dehydrated until their levels are already too low. If you learn to drink on a schedule you’ll soon realize how much better you’ll feel.

Ultimately, adding water to your workout will be one of the best things you can do to beat the heat. You can avoid the sweaty, sticky feeling that usually comes with a strenuous workout and still be able to expend all the energy you want.

“Do you want to enjoy your outdoor summer exercise without the sweaty, sticky feeling? How about hopping into the pool and doing your workout the luxurious way? The pool just might be the only place where you can do cardiovascular work, toning and stretching without even feeling like you’ve broken a sweat!” –

Try Bonding

Summer heat is a lot less miserable when you can share it with someone else. Fitting socialization into your summer routine can make the heat less noticeable. With a workout twin you’re more likely to push yourself to do what you need to do in the heat and resist the urge to go and lie down on the beach and take a long nap under the summer sun. With a workout buddy you can not only bond with your partner but also keep each other in check as you brave the summer sun together.

There are ways to beat the heat and still remain physically fit during those uncomfortable summer months. With just a little creative thinking and forward planning, you can still maintain a good physical routine and keep your health in perfect balance.