Strength Psychology Review – Is The Program By Mike Gillette Worth It?

Some guys want to develop a rock hard and strong body that belongs in battle and makes them look tough; however, they don’t develop their mental toughness as well, and in the end the illusion of toughness can’t cover up the truth. Other guys know that true toughness comes from a tough mind, and the tough body is a bonus.

Mike Westerdal, the guy behind Critical Bench, says that being mentally tough is a skill, and with this new program, you can develop this skill no matter who you are. This Strength Psychology review will take a look at whether or not this is really worth the hype built up around it.

What Is Strength Psychology?

The premise behind the program is that we are not tested like we once were, and this has made us softer. Years ago, battle and wars made us strong physically and mentally, but now we have it easy, and while we can develop our physical strength, our mental strength is harder to develop because it is not challenged often thanks to the current way of life. That makes us vulnerable when situations arise where we need to be focused, strong, and in control.

Strength Psychology Program

Strength Psychology is about building a tough mind that will help you get through tough times, progress towards success, go after your dreams, accomplish your goals, and make yourself a winner in life. You will gain control over your emotions, stay focused during a crisis, and get the edge over other people in any situation.

How Does Psychology of Strength Work?

You get a 2-disc DVD set that comes with a manual you can refer to alongside the presentations. The presentations are by Mike Gillette, and they will contain strategies and information that will help you develop a tougher mind. You’ll do this through 3 steps:

1. Mindset: Learn how emotions affect you and hold you back, and how harnessing your emotions gives you complete control. To sum it up, you’ll gain control over your thinking and fears.

2. Planning: The best way to reinforce your mental strength is to plan and prepare to achieve your goals. In this step you will learn how to plan the life you want to live.

3. Mastery: Pushing the boundaries helps you to maintain that tough mind in today’s laid back world. This step includes training for your mind through exercises and techniques that Mike has developed.

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Inside you will learn things like:

  • How to get rid of self-limiting beliefs
  • How to develop disciplined thinking
  • How to excel at anything you want to excel at
  • Three critical parts of goals that you may not be considering right now
  • What you should do the moment you feel fear
  • How to strategize masterfully for your own life
  • How to stop reacting to life in a way that takes your control away
  • How to get focused and eliminate random thoughts and emotions

Mike says that all the information is valuable. There are no fillers meant to fluff up the program, only high-quality content that will help you develop the mindset and mental strength you want and need.

About Mike (Both of Them)

Mike GilletteMike Westerdal is a personal trainer, best-selling fitness author, nutritionist, and founder of But, even though he is the one talking about this program, it is not built by him; instead, it is focused around Mike Gillette.

Gillette has been in some mentally tough situations. He has been a SWAT commander, an army paratrooper, a bodyguard to people like Sylvester Stallone, and a record-setting strongman. In short, he’s strong both physically and mentally. His story is a full of hardships, but he has overcome them to become the strong minded man he is today. How he did that is what he wants to teach you.

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Positive Reviews

  • Gain control of your mind and gain mental strength
  • Stop letting life dictate how you feel and act and start taking control over your reactions to life
  • You will be viewed as mentally strong by other people and gain respect
  • Stop letting others negativity influence your mind
  • Eliminate self-talk that is defeating to your success
  • Get control over your emotions, such as anger and fear
  • Get a digital download to access today
  • Can get a physical collection as well

Negative Reviews

  • Your life is about to change as you develop a strong mind that demands action
  • Have to pay extra for the physical copies of the program
  • A little over-hyped on the sales page – but that’s marketing for you!

Where To Buy Strength Psychology

You can only access this program from the Strength Psychology website. When you do, you will also get access to the guarantee.

The 60-day money back guarantee is only available with this program when purchased through the official website(click here to see the website). If you want a refund within the 2 months, all you have to do is send them an email, ask for a refund, and it will be done.


Is It Worth It?

It’s obvious that Mike Gillette is physically and mentally strong. He’s been there and done that, and has developed many strategies to create a tough mind needed for focus, strength, and success. With Strength Psychology, you get that information to become mentally strong quickly. It is easy-to-follow, and you can start implementing it today.

GuaranteeWorried that you can’t learn to be mentally tough by watching some videos? The truth is the videos make learning much easier. One-on-one you can’t pause, test out something, and then get back to it. With the videos, you can take your time, rewind, and do what you need to do to implement these strategies into your life. Overall, this is a great program and there is a money back guarantee if this doesn’t help you develop a stronger mind.

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