Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Is Eric Wong’s Program Worth It?

Do you have tight shoulders that are causing not just poor flexibility, but a lot of pain and poor posture? Have you been trying to work out the tightness yourself by stretching in place with no luck? Then you are not alone! Over 70% of the population deals with some sort of shoulder tightness and flexibility issue that they are unable to get rid of.

If you are ready to really do something about those stiff shoulders, then Eric Wong has created a program to help you loosen up your shoulders once and for all. But, will it really work? This review of Shoulder Flexibility Solution will take a look at what he’s offering and why it may (or may not) be something you want to try for yourself.

What Is This All About?

Static stretching is by far the most common way to try and loosen up the shoulders. I’m willing to bet that you’ve tried it? I know I have. But, Eric says that static stretching is actually the least effective way to improve your shoulder flexibility, which explains why it is so hard to get rid of that shoulder tightness from simply stretching alone.

The whole program is based on science, and it has been created to make it as easy as possible for the user. In other words, no matter how little luck you’ve had in the past with improving your shoulders, or how little time you have to devote to improving your shoulders, this program will help you get the results you want.

Inside you will find a bunch of routines that are offered in both PDF and video, including:

Shoulder Products

Routine #1: Helps you touch your hands behind your back. Eric says that not being able to touch your hands is actually abnormal and indicates issues in the body. The routine focuses on releasing tissues that are restricted and building functional strength.

Routine #2: Helps you obtain the proper head position for a healthy neck, jaw, and spine. If you ever feel like you may be leaning too far forward with your head, this will help you turn things around and gain the proper posture that promotes better physical health.

Routine #3: Helps you increase your range of motion and reach overhead. The routine doesn’t just focus on the shoulder, but the thoracic spine and the core as well.

Routine #4: Helps you fix the problem of rounded shoulders and automatically sit in a posture that is beneficial to your strength, flexibility, and spine.

Routine #5: Helps you fix an issue where the shoulder blade protrudes from the back in an abnormal position. This problem can easily lead to injury, so it must be addressed.

Routine #6: Helps you increase the mobility of your shoulder. This routine should be done before your workouts to help you lift with less effort, and by doing so it will help you increase your personal record.

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How It Works

This program uses a system called the 3D Flexibility System that addresses all the reasons your shoulders are so tight. It helps you get the flexibility you want without causing any pain. The system focuses on things like improving joint stability to help relax your muscles and improve your ability to control your muscles, which will help improve flexibility and strength.

About Eric Wong

Eric WongYou have probably heard of him before because he has been around for a while. Since 2008, Eric has helped thousands of people through his online programs that address all kinds of issues, such as developing speed, gaining strength, gaining power, and increasing flexibility. He specializes in mixed martial arts, but his expertise is spread over a lot of different areas. – learn more about Eric and his program here.

Positive Reviews

  • Easy to use. Simply follow the program and get results.
  • Increase the flexibility in your shoulders and enjoy more freedom to do what you want to do.
  • Reduce shoulder, neck, and back pain as you increase flexibility.
  • Improve your posture which affects your overall physical health as well as your appearance.
  • Get stronger shoulders.
  • All information is instantly downloadable so you can start today.

Negative Reviews

  • It still takes some time as you do need about 15 minutes to perform the routine correctly, and you have to perform 1 routine for 6 days a week.
  • You do not get a physical product to go along with the digital product. This means you only have access to PDFs and videos.

Where To Buy Shoulder Flexibility Solution

Eric is selling the Shoulder Flexibility System on his official website (click to see “real” website in new window). You will not find this program anywhere else. And if you do, it is likely from someone illegally selling it (and it won’t include the guarantee that comes with it). When you order, you will see that ClickBank (see image below) is the online marketplace that Eric uses to sell his program. They are a trusted online marketplace that helps ensure the guarantee is set in place for buyers.

This program comes with an incredible 1-year guarantee. If you do not feel the program is high quality, or if you do not get results you are looking for, or if you do not find that you get unexpected benefits from using this program, then you can simply ask for your money back within 1 year.

Here is what the secure checkout page looks like (image opens page in new window)

Checkout Page

Does It Work?

Our shoulders do a lot for us, and when they are inflexible and tight, they also cause a lot of problems in the body that go beyond the shoulders. Keeping them healthy, flexible, and strong is important to reduce pain and prevent a chronic issue from occurring, which will limit what you can do in a big way.

Eric Wong has been teaching people how to improve flexibility in their body for years. And he has been doing it successfully. He understands that static stretches are not the answer, and he has developed routines to help tackle the issues that are really limiting shoulder movement in the Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

So does it work? According to the followers and reviews, Eric knows what he’s talking about! It may be the only way to finally release the tension and eliminate the pain once and for all. And with a 1-year money back guarantee, it is definitely worth a try.

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