Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Does Shaun Hadsall’s Program Work?

It’s all downhill after 40 when it comes to fighting fat and having a great body. Right? That’s what we hear over and over again, but does it have to be true? This Over 40 Ab Solution review may leave you excited as you contemplate what is actually possible for your body, no matter what age you are currently at. With a fountain of youth metabolic trick and countless benefits, it sounds like a program that we would all want to take part in. But is it?

What Is The Over 40 Ab Solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution

This program is a fitness program unlike any other. It requires just 12 minutes out of your day and no gym. Inside you will find a step-by-step guide to help you find success without any guesswork.

You get the 50-page Over 40 Ab Solution’s training manual that contains no fluff and helps you understand what you need to do and when. All of the exercises can be found inside in a follow along manner.

You also get a success tracker, which is basically your accountability and motivational tool wrapped into one. It will help you see your results encourages you to keep going, which gives you more and better results.

As of this Over 40 Ab Solution review, there are also a few bonuses, including:

  • Fast start guide for the people who want to get started NOW!
  • An over 40 stubborn fat solution that contains a 7-minute blueprint to help you extract trapped fat in your problem areas. In fact, you can pick the body part you want to work on and follow the step by step program to see results week after week in that area.
  • An eBook containing 19 diet tricks for people over 40 that offers you a ton of nutrition tips to make the movements work even better. You will learn things like how to combine your foods to keep your body in fat burning mode and how to avoid storing carbs as fat.
  • An eBook on water and how it really affects your health. Not only will this benefit you, but all those people in your life, who are avoiding drinking water like the plague, will benefit as you list off the many reasons about why it’s so important.

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How Does It Work?

An older body does not respond to diet and exercise the same way a younger one does. For example, when you are young, you can work out hard for hours and get great results from it, but when you are older, you feel horrible after working out too hard and you don’t seem to get any of the desired results. This program actually says that the most popular workouts recommended today are horrible for the thyroid, heart, and belly fat of people over 40!

Anyone who is over 40 and tried to lose fat or shape up already knows this as they will have done the same things as they did when they were younger, but didn’t get the results they got when they were younger. It’s apparent that what works when you are young just doesn’t cut it when you are older.

That’s why the Over 40 Ab Solution claims to work so well. It takes into account an older body and how to make those hormones do what you need them to do to boost the metabolism and experience all of the benefits that brings.

This program teaches you how to move your body in the right way so that your body’s youth hormones don’t shut down and your fat cells don’t expand! The program claims that exercising too hard and too much will actually have a negative effect on your body now, which is why it looks at a new way of moving your body and getting the exercise it needs to keep everything running at optimal levels.

There are 3 zones that you will enter one at a time. The first zone primes your body’s metabolism and hormones and helps you use fat as fuel. The second zone helps you release trapped fat cells for more fat burn. And, the third zone helps you flush out stubborn fat cells, which helps you reduce the size of your belly!

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About Shaun Hadsall

Shaun HadsallThe creator of this program is 56-year-old Shaun Hadsall, who was forced to find a solution for his wife when she developed cancer and suffered a complete metabolism breakdown after the treatments forced her into early menopause. Before the diagnosis, he and his wife opened up a personal training studio and seemed to be in perfect health and they were in great shape. Her despair at not being able to get her body back, thanks to her changed metabolism, and his desire to help her get it back, is what helped him find the missing link for people over 40 – a link that would help shrink fat cells and relieve the bloating and inability to get results by his wife. In only 10 weeks, she had a completely different body that was 22 pounds lighter and looked years younger. That’s the secret that he’s sharing in Over 40 Ab Solution.

Positive Reviews

  • Burn 142% more calories from fat each time you use the movements in this program.
  • The older you are, the more you will lose.
  • Stop letting age define you and use it to your advantage for a body that looks and feels younger.
  • Get your metabolism back in shape, young, and strong again.
  • Get back to a natural hormonal state.
  • This program can tighten up sagging skin and get rid of belly fat.
  • Only takes 12 minutes and does not require over exercising.
  • If you’ve failed in the past using conventional workouts, then this is definitely worth trying considering he advocates against conventional programs.
  • Everyone can do these movements, regardless of age, fitness level, energy level, or pain level.
  • No endless amount of crunches that can hurt your back and end your attempts to exercise completely.
  • Benefits more than just fighting fat. Can help with libido, sleep, stress, and fight against Alzheimer’s.

Negative Reviews

This is one of those programs that we couldn’t find serious cons during our review. But following are some reasons that some people may not want to try out the program.

  • You are going to have to let go of what you think is healthy for your body and learn how to care for your older body. This can be easier said than done!
  • Requires time out of each day to devote to the program.
  • Must do the program exactly as laid out to get the results promised.

Where Can You Buy The Over 40 Ab Solution?

GuaranteeThis fitness program is only available on the Over 40 Ab Solution website. There, you can buy a digital copy that you can have instant access to, a physical copy that is delivered to your door, or both. The price as of this review was amazing, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

A 90-day money back guarantee is in place – as described here. They guarantee that anyone over 40 can use the program, that results will be quick and last, and that they offer great customer service.

Is It Worth Buying?

Getting older is not a bad thing, but it does mean that your body operates differently than it did when it was younger, and if you want to burn fat and maintain your health, you have to understand how it does that. Therefore, you can seek out advice from a young gym trainer who understands more about their body and how it works than they do about your older body and how it works. Or, you can take a chance on the Over 40 Ab Solution and take some advice made specifically for your age.

Hormones change as we get older, and knowing how to tackle fat burning hormones and make them work for us is imperative to keeping our body healthy, not just in appearance, but in overall health too. This program claims it can help you do that, so it is definitely worth buying. The worst that could happen is you learn a thing or two, and the best that could happen is you learn how to fight the fat once and for all!

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