Man Plan Review – Is Dan Anderson’s 90 Day Fat Loss Formula Worth Buying?

Are you tired of feeling unhealthy thanks to your unhealthy habits and extra weight? Does losing up to 35 pounds of fat in less than 90 days and replacing it without up to 20 pounds of muscle seem reasonable to you? This review of Man-Plan will take a look at a diet plan created by Dan Anderson with the intention of helping you get out of the unhealthy way of life and losing the weight quickly while gaining muscle.

But, is it actually a diet plan worth trying out? And how exactly does it help you lose the weight that fat without resorting to extreme cardio, diet pills, surgery, or starvation? We’ll look at these questions as well as some other important info you should know before deciding to buy.

What Do You Get In The Man-Plan?

Man-Plan Book Cover

Inside you will find the Man-Plan, which is the blueprint for fat loss and muscle gain. It’s the system that takes you from losing the fat and getting fit in just 90 days. According to Dan, one of the things you will learn is specifically chosen exercises that work together to burn off fat and ignite your muscles.

You also get the Man-Plan recipe book that helps you create recipes that are healthy and going to help you lose the fat. The recipes are supposed to taste great and have a lot of metabolic power for fast and long lasting results. He mentions fiery scrambled eggs and chili chicken. He also mentions that spicy foods are great for helping you lose weight, so I’m assuming you can expect a lot of spice in his recipes.

And there are some complimentary bonuses to help you become healthier, slimmer, and more toned.


  • Eat Your Way Lean: Helps you build up your metabolism in just days.
  • Glycemic Load Guide: This is the secret to fast and easy weight loss.
  • Progress Tracker: Measure the inches of fat you lose and the muscles you gain.
  • Quick Start Guide: Get started with the Man-Plan in just minutes.
  • Smoothies For Athletes: More than 100 recipes are included.
  • The Top 12 Super-Foods: Learn which foods have the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to turn up your metabolism.
  • Taking Care Of Yourself: An audio that helps you resist subliminal messages sent out by food advertisers that cue you to eat more.

As of this Man-Plan review, there are also 5 other secret bonuses that you get along with everything else.

All of these bonuses along with the main Man-Plan work together to create awareness and new habits that will help you create a healthier body and keep it.

How Does It Work?

The Man-Plan is not about calories in and calories out. And it’s not about eating salads all day. So, for anyone who is sick of the regular diet plans out there that focus on limiting foods and promoting hunger, that is not something you have to worry about with the Man-Plan.

In the Man-Plan you learn how to treat your body the way it needs to be treated and undo bad habits that are keeping you unhealthy and fat. The stuff that Dan talks about is dead on with a lot of the literature I’ve read about how food, stress, and exercise keep the fat on and keep you unhealthy.

For instance, cortisol is released when you are stressed either physically or mentally, and that increases your blood sugar and blood pressure and starts the fat accumulation process in your body. It can also make you hungry for foods that are full of fat. In short, it can make it impossible to get the results you want while trying to lose weight. Dan says that he decreased his stress and in just the first few weeks he was getting amazing results from that alone.

That’s why you will learn how to reduce your stress to a natural level and how that will affect your body in a major way. This is something that many people are missing in their quest to become healthier and lose the fat, which is likely why in this day and age of constant stress, most people are not able to get the results they want when it comes to their health.

The Man-Plan is also about learning to eat healthier foods. The author says that contrary to popular belief, it’s not about how much you eat but, rather, what you eat and when you eat it. Deep down most people know this is true. They know the fatty, fried, and processed food is not good for them. They know that eating at certain times of the day makes them feel like crap. They can feel it after they eat it. The concept that eating habits need to be changed in important to comprehend for anyone who wants to lose weight and feel healthier, and the Man-Plan covers it.

And, the Man-Plan uses combined exercises that help you get the best results possible. This is not about extreme cardio, but, instead, about working out smarter and in a way that the body appreciates.

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Who Is Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson was overweight and depressed until he ended up in the hospital after taking a major attack that ended up in him dying for a few seconds in front of his wife and kids. Overweight and unhappy, he knew that things had to change. So when he went home, he felt like he had a second chance and started doing the research that ended up saving his life. The Man-Plan is based around what he learned and tested with himself and other people.

The Positive Reviews

  • The Man-Plan will help you lose weight, build muscle, and build healthy habits for a long and happy life.
  • Will work for anyone, regardless of past habits with exercise and diet or current weight.
  • Learn how to eat the right foods for you at the right times for maximum fat loss and health improvement.
  • Lose an inch or two in the first couple of weeks easily.
  • No extreme measures to lose weight, such as intense cardio, dieting pills, or surgery
  • Despite its name, this plan has worked for both men and women.
  • This diet plan is backed by science.
  • This diet plan is safe for everyone.
  • Increase your confidence while decreasing your stress.
  • All information is instantly downloadable.

The Negative Reviews

  • Some fail to understand that you have to make healthy changes, which means you will have to change the way you eat and other habits that are affecting your weight and health.
  • No physical/hard-copy available.

Where To Buy Man-Plan System

You can only buy the Man-Plan directly from the Man-Plan site. When you add the Man-Plan to your order, you will notice that you will buy the main plan plus all of the bonuses through Clickbank. This means that all of your information will be instantly downloadable.

Through Clickbank, there is a guaranteed 60-day refund policy. While the program says that you can get the body you want in 90 days, 60 days should be enough time to decide if the plan is working for you or not and get a refund if you are not happy.

Man-Plan Checkout Page

Does The Man-Plan Work?

You may be wondering if the Man-Plan will really work for you. After all, aren’t some people just doomed to have extra fat, no matter what they do, because of their genetics? One of the things Dan says is that you don’t need to have great genetics to have a great body. He says that he has bad genetics, but was still capable of losing the fat and getting the ripped body that looks good and feels good.

There comes a point in our lives when we know that we can’t get away with eating the way we do anymore. While eating greasy, sugary, and fried food works for a while, we start to realize that if we want to live a long, healthy life, then we need to change up our eating habits a bit, among other habits. That’s just a truth of life that we are all aware of on some level, and that’s one of the things that Dan talks about which shows that this diet plan is about making changes in your life that could have a big impact.

The bottom line is that if you follow the Man-Plan, it is guaranteed to work or you can get your money back. It seems like something that you would want to try if you need to lose weight and get healthier no matter what age you are at or how unhealthy you feel.

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