3 Of The Best Insulin Supplements For Weight Loss

There is no denying that insulin issues and weight issues go together. When you eat foods that have carbohydrates, insulin is released to remove glucose. When insulin starts to not work as well, fat starts to deposit on the body and weight loss becomes a battle. Insulin supplements can help things get back on track and promote weight loss without having to cut out carbs. But, which supplements are the best supplements to take?

Here is a look at 3 of the most popular insulin supplements that will help with weight loss:

BioTrust’s IC-5

IC-5 from BioTrust contains known ingredients that help you combat insulin sensitivity issues. For instance, the cinnamon bark has been shown to increase glucose metabolism by up to 10 times. Moreover, it can help to manage blood sugar after a high-carb meal.

Another ingredient is Berberine, which helps to increase the signal between insulin and the receptors it is associated with. It also increases glucose metabolism, and it promotes the muscle to use the glucose rather than the fat.

Of course, reducing blood sugar levels can help with your insulin and weight loss efforts too, and the Pterocarpus Marsupium inside of BioTrust’s IC-5, has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels but 21% two hours after a meal.

Also, a phytochemical from Fenugreek is included to increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors in the muscle tissue and increase glycogen storage, as well as decrease fat storage.

And the last ingredient, R-ALA, is an acid that has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity by 25% in one month. It also helps to increase the number of glucose transporters to help get rid of the glucose from the blood stream.

Combine all of these ingredients with BioTrust’s amazing customer service and money back guarantee, and you have one of the best insulin supplements for weight loss.


This supplement has been created to mimic the role of insulin in the body and help transport glucose throughout the body. It has also been created to improve the sensitivity of the insulin receptor, which helps to encourage your own insulin to work more effectively.

As discussed above, berberine can help improve insulin receptors, and Antagolin contains INsul-X2TM which contains berberine.

The main ingredient, however, is banaba leaf extract. This ingredient is used in India for diabetes and weight loss. Research has shown that it can help to lower blood sugar levels in people with insulin resistance.

Two other ingredients include inositol and chromium. Inositol has been identified as an aid in managing insulin resistance and chromium that has been shown to help regulate insulin action. It is important to note that chromium has the potential to be toxic in large quantities, and some experts believe that 1,000 micrograms should be the limit per day. Antagolin provides 240 micrograms per day.

“Chromium is an important factor for enhancing insulin activity.” – NCBI

Maitake Mushroom Extract

This is a fungus that has been consumed in Asian for a very long time. While it has been a food, it has also been used medicinally.

Research has shown that this extract can enhance insulin sensitivity and help to control blood sugar levels. But it can also help to stimulate the immune system, fight tumors, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and even treat cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy. In other words, a supplement of Maitake mushroom extract, may benefit your whole body as well as your insulin levels.

“FXM, a natural extract obtained from maitake mushroom, favourably influences glucose/insulin metabolism in insulin-resistant KK mice. The lowering of both circulating glucose and insulin concentrations suggests that FXM works primarily by enhancing peripheral insulin sensitivity.” – NCBI

Note: If you are on medication for diabetes, then you shouldn’t take a supplement of Maitake mushroom.