The Insider’s Guide to Healthy Low Carb Desserts

A healthy diet low in carbs is much more fun when you can satisfy your sweet tooth with amazing healthy low carb desserts. Too many people abandon their low carb diet because they cannot satisfy all facets of their cravings. But, there are many more people who follow a low carb diet and easily stick to it because they understand a few simple things about eating this kind of diet. Here is a peek into how they make low carb desserts work for them.

From Traditional to Healthy Low Carb Desserts

Many people grew up eating some favorite high carb desserts during the holidays, and it can be too hard to cut out all those desserts that carry warm memories with them. The good news is that you don’t have to give them up.

You can make your favorite desserts into low carb desserts. Low carb pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse, and peanut butter cookies are just a few of the desserts you can have. The great thing is that you don’t lose any of the flavor, and even the pickiest eater will be willing to try out a low carb dessert that does their body some good.

What can you use as substitutes for your favorite ingredients? For sugar, you can use Splenda, which contains about .5 g of carbohydrate per spoonful. For a graham cracker crust, try a crushed nut crust with almonds, pecans, or walnuts. There are many recipes for low carb desserts that will give you inspiration for substitutes, and you will find that almost any dessert you love has a low carb solution.

“Nuts and seeds can be ground into meal/flour, or purchased that way. They can be used for cakes, muffins, quick breads, and other recipes.” About Health

Don’t Make it a Meal

While desserts that are low carb are healthier than other desserts, because they have much more nutritional value, you should not make huge meals out of them, or worse eat a huge portion after a huge meal. They should still be viewed as a treat. Too much dessert, of any kind, can still lead to gastrointestinal problems, such as gas, diarrhea, and bloating.

The truth is that even though your desserts are healthier than most desserts, large portion sizes will still affect your health goals in a negative way. And, if you find that your diet is affecting your health negatively, you may give up on it and revert back to old and unhealthy ways. Therefore, don’t get into a lose-lose situation and let the word ‘healthy’ trick you into eating more.

Don’t Deny Yourself Dessert!

Many people will just cut dessert out of their diet altogether when eating a low carb diet, but this can cause people to cheat and even give up on their new diet completely. Moreover, it can cause weight gain in the long run because sustaining a low carb diet will not work if you deny yourself an aspect of eating that everyone craves – desserts.

One study done, split 193 obese participants into two groups. Both groups ate a low carb diet, but one group ate a 300-calorie breakfast while the other group ate a 600-calorie breakfast that included a piece of chocolate cake. Which group do you think lost more weight? The group that ate the 600-calorie breakfast, with the chocolate cake, lost 40 pounds more than the other group. Why? Because they were more satisfied and less likely to stray from their low carb diet.

So, allow yourself to satisfy your natural cravings. Don’t be scared to include a small portion of healthy low carb dessert in your meals. Chances are it will help you sustain a healthy way of eating that promotes an overall improved state of health.