EASE Magnesium Review – Does The Supplement By Activation Products Work?

Can one mineral really promote health throughout your whole body? And, can you take that mineral in a spray form that gives you the benefits faster than any other supplement? This review of EASE Magnesium will take a look at the new product by Activation Products to determine if it really lives up to the hype it is receiving.

What Is EASE Magnesium?

Ease MagnesiumIt is a spray that contains magnesium chloride. The claim is that many other supplements with magnesium do not contain a beneficial form that is easily absorbed by your body (like this one). In part, this is because most magnesium supplements are taken orally, and that can impact how much absorption takes place.

For instance, as magnesium travels through the intestine, most of the absorption is done in the ileum and colon, and while certain other nutrients, such as D3 may increase intestinal absorption, there are many things that can prevent proper absorption, such as transit time, high calcium intake, sugar, alcohol, meat, eggs, dairy, and prescription drugs.

EASE is a spray, and absorption is thought to be much higher with this method of delivery. It is important to take into account the physical condition of the skin being used and the solubility of the supplement when using a transdermal patch or spray, as skin can be a huge barrier for absorption. However, EASE Magnesium has molecules that are small enough to penetrate the skin, which is why they claim a 100% absorption rate.

In addition, this magnesium supplement is 100% pure and doesn’t contain any additives or fillers. This is an important note to make about this supplement, because the supplement industry is not regulated, and often time’s manufactures will use less-than-pure versions of the supplement to save themselves some money.

About Activation Products

The Activation Products website was founded by Ian Clark. He was a man who was suffering from some ailments and discovered that his health boiled down to more than just prescription drugs and long-term suffering.

The site has been reviewed by an independent medical doctor for information, products, claims, and more, and it is has been found to be trustworthy for purchases.

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Supplement Ingredients

The only ingredient is magnesium chloride hexahydrate, which is pure and the safest form of magnesium for the body.

There are no additives. It is extracted from sea water. There are no synthetics. And, it is easily absorbable.

Positive Reviews

  • Easily absorbable magnesium that works in less time than other oral supplements
  • Completely natural supplement made from the pure extract of sea water
  • No side effects for most people
  • Could clear up those symptoms that seem to be present for no reason
  • Magnesium chloride benefits too many systems in your body to list here
  • Magnesium chloride has been shown to reduce pain – even nerve pain – in a big way
  • Magnesium chloride has a positive impact on mental health

Negative Reviews

  • If you are being treated with a medication, you may not be able to take magnesium as it could decrease absorption of those drugs or have negative side effects. Consult your doctor first.

Pricing & Discounts

For most products, you save on multiple purchases, but EASE Magnesium has a unique approach to their pricing and savings. Depending on what you order, and how many bottles, they provided different discounts.


Please note: Activation Products is currently running a discount on EASE. Please visit their website for details on pricing.

Where To Buy EASE

This is an Activation Products supplement, so it is only available from their online store. When you purchase through them you will be able to produce an order number if you want a refund down the line. That is important. If you purchase from someone just selling the bottles that they bought, the refund guarantee will not be in place. Because of this, I really recommend that you not try to buy EASE from Amazon or another wholesale type vendor.

If you are concerned that the supplement may not work or provide you with the benefits you are hoping it will, rest assured that you have full two months to try it out. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it and get your money back.

Are You Deficient In Magnesium?

You may not even know that you have a deficiency of magnesium, as blood tests only show the magnesium found in the blood, but not the magnesium that is in your muscle or bone tissue. Research has shown that a diet deficient in magnesium has a negative impact on bone metabolism and bone tissue.

While there are many signs of magnesium deficiency, such as headaches, poor digestion, irritability, sensitivity to loud noises, sleep problems, muscle weakness, asthma, and kidney stones, you may not be able to tie those symptoms to magnesium deficiency. Therefore it is better to look at your lifestyle and whether or not your magnesium levels are being affected in a negative way.

For instance, do you get your recommended dose of calcium through milk, dairy products, or dark leafy greens? Most of us do, and that can have a huge impact on how much magnesium gets absorbed in the body. A negative impact such as calcium can block proper absorption.

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Should You Try It?

Every organ in the body requires magnesium for optimal health. It contributes to energy production, enzyme activation, healthy teeth and bones, and aids in regulation of other important nutrients in the body. Even though you may get magnesium from various foods in your diet, such as green leafy vegetables, the absorption can be reduced by a number of different and common factors. Therefore, magnesium deficiency could be the reason for your symptom that has no explanation or pain that just won’t go away.

Because EASE Magnesium is pure and highly bio-available, you could be experiencing relief within a short period of time and that is enough reason to try it if you have any kind of symptom that you want to get rid of.

Furthermore, preventing symptoms that occur with magnesium deficiency is important too. Even if you feel fine, not getting enough magnesium in your diet is call for supplementation, and this supplement has shown itself to be highly effective.

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