Crunchless Core Review – Is Brian Klepacki’s Workout Worth Buying?

If you are like most people who care about their appearance and health, you’ve tried a few different ways to chisel down your stomach and get that six pack look. But the chances are high that you didn’t succeed. That’s because most programs focus on crunches and sit-ups, and if it doesn’t work in one program, it’s not going to work in another.

If you are going to try again, I recommend trying something completely different, which is why I’m doing a review of Crunchless Core. This program acknowledges that crunches and sit-ups don’t work and offers a different solution. But, is it really worth buying another ab program that may or may not work for you? Let’s take a look.

Crunchless Core Workout Program

What Do You Get In Crunchless Core?

This program is all about fitness and building a strong core. It is an 8-week core strengthening program that includes:

  • 8 total body workouts
  • Over 70 exercises
  • Easy-to-follow instructional videos to help you maintain proper form

You can get the program in a completely digital program that you can watch on your computer or tablet. But for those of you who like to have a physical program, you can also get a physical program delivered to your door for no extra charge besides shipping and handling. And, if you want to buy an extra program for a friend or family member, you can get 2 digital and physical downloads for an extra price.

You also get a bonus, as of this Crunchless Core review, called 15 Day Accelerated Fat Loss. This is great for people who are carrying around a little extra weight on their stomach.

Note: you can click here to verify if the bonus is still available.

How It Works

This is a step-by-step program to help you get massive results within 60 days. Not only does it promise you stronger abs, but it is meant to help you stand taller, breathe better, and be healthier overall. It works in two phases.

  1. Phase 1: This is a 4-week phase that uses functional exercises and workouts to build the base stability you need in your core.
  2. Phase 2: This is a 4-week phase that uses advanced exercises to help you tackle those deep abdominal muscles for real abdominal strength.

Together, these phases work to build a strong core that endures without risking injury in the process. While the program is an 8-week program, you don’t need a ton of time in your day to do this program. You get a complete workout even if you have limited time in your day.

Moreover, you don’t need to have worked on your core before to use this program. You will be building your core from the ground up, so to speak, and you will be shown how to start using functional exercises that help you work your way up to more advanced exercises after a 4-week period.

Lastly, if you have a current injury, Crunchless Core will help you align your body properly and build strength. The creator says that he works with a lot of people who have injured themselves and have pain in their neck or back. He also says that this program can help you build stability, strength, and remove many of the causes behind your injury.

Who Is Brian Klepacki

Brian KlepackiBrian Klepacki’s education includes a Master of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Exercise Science, and he has been certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach. All of his education and experience has made him into a coach who relies on scientific research and personalized workouts with the purpose to help his clients receive the training that gets them the results they want.

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Positive Reviews Of The Program

  • Crunchless Core builds a foundation of strength from the ground up for optimal strength and reduced injury.
  • Crunchless Core addresses the entire scope of the core.
  • Will work well for both men and women.
  • Will work for people with no prior core training.
  • Will work for people with an injury from prior programs gone wrong.
  • This method reduces your chance of injury, which can often stop your progress in its tracks.
  • Created by a man with a lot of experience getting clients the results they want through personalized coaching.
  • Get a digital or a digital and physical program.
  • Get an extra program for a friend at a discounted price.

Negative Reviews

For most of you reading this review, the following will not be cons of the program. But, I feel the need to put them in because some people expect miracles from programs like this and then get frustrated with the lack of results they get because they are not willing to put in the effort.

As another reviewer says, “To look athletic, you have to be athletic.” That’s a simple fact that anyone with an athletic body can tell you. Therefore, the biggest cons are for someone who want a quick-fix without the work.

  • Not a quick-fix, which means you need to put in the effort to get the results.
  • Some people say this is a high-intensity program for the time you do have to work out.
  • You need to commit to this program for 8 weeks as this is the optimal amount of time it will take to make changes in your core strength and stability for the type of abs you want.
  • You have to pay S&H if you choose the hard-copy version.

Where To Buy & Guarantee

You can buy the workout program from the official website here (opens in new window) where the guarantee will be in place.

This is an 8-week program, and Brian has put into place a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can ask for a refund. Moreover, you can pick another product that they offer and they will pay for it!

Website Checkout Page

Does It Really Work?

It’s clear that crunches are not helping people get the six-pack they want. In fact, crunches are known to cause an aged spine, lower back stress, and injury that can end your ability to work hard for the type of results you want. The fact is that there has to be a better way.

This Crunchless Core program offers a different way from a guy with a ton of education and experience revolving around getting a stronger and healthier body. It offers a complete workout that helps you build a strong foundation and the increase your strength from the core of your core.

So will it work for you? The bottom line is that this program is guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t, you will get a refund plus access to another program of your choice.

Click here to open the official website and to learn more or to buy.