Why Taking Creatine While Cutting Works For Fat Loss

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No matter where you start, in order to get the most out of your bodybuilding efforts you have to learn how to be smart in your approach. Bodybuilding requires you to go beyond the caloric count and the nutrition plan that every other person needs to do in order to reach his or her goals. Trying to build muscle while at the same time you’re trying to shed fat can be very challenging, causing many people to give up. However, if you learn how to tackle these goals in the different phases you can have a better chance at success.

Typically, the first two phases of a new bodybuilding routine, the cleaning phase and the nutrition phase were both designed to build up your metabolism so that by the time you reach the “cutting phase” of your bodybuilding you’ll be ready to show-off that tight muscle definition you’ve been working hard for.

“Trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time is impossible…. You have to do gaining muscle and losing fat in phases. This phase is called the cutting phase, it is basically cutting away all the extra body fat that has been gained while on the bulking cycle.” – Bodybuilding The Natural Way

The goal of the cutting phase is to bring the percentage of body fat down to a level where your muscle fiber will be more apparent and give your body that enhanced definition you’re striving for. This is usually somewhere around 10% of your total body weight or less. To reach this goal many people have turned to using Creatine.

How Does Creatine Work?

Creatine is a supplement that gives you a boost of short-term energy so that you’ll be able to increase the amount of activity you’ll do in each workout. Perhaps you’ll be able to push your limits just a little bit further so that you can get even more results out of your workout. It can also help you to reduce your rest time between workouts so that you are better able to get the most out of your regular exercise routine.

It’s important to understand that Creatine does not help you burn excess fat, but instead, gives you that extra boost so that you can maintain a higher level of energy to accomplish more in your workouts. During the cutting phase of your new routine do not expect to only lose fat; you should also expect to lose a small amount of muscle as well.

Creatine is type of concentrated amino acid that gives the body an instant rush of adrenaline. It is one of the most favored pre-workout supplements by athletes as it helps in the production of ATP which is essentially the energy cells of the body.” – Truly Ripped n Shredded

Benefits of Using Creatine

In addition to the added boost of energy, Creatine also helps to reduce the burning sensation you get during your workouts as a result of lactic acid forming in the muscles and it draws water into the muscle cells, which will give an appearance of increased size. It also improves your cardio performance during your HIIT so that you can build permanent stamina for moderate cardio sessions helping you to burn even more fat during each workout.

How to Use Creatine?

While many people may be under the impression that Creatine is an amazing performance enhancer that will give you super strength before each workout, you must be more realistic in your expectations. It will take time to build up the levels of Creatine in your body so don’t expect immediate results.

Chances are that if you’re just starting your workout program your muscles are already starving and depleted of glycogen. Because the insulin that is required to move precious nutrients to your muscles when they need them tend to spike right after a workout, many believe that the best time to take Creatine is right after a workout and not before.

In the cutting phase of your fitness program you will be expected to cut back on the number of calories you expect to consume on a daily basis. The purpose of this phase is to train your body to burn as much body fat as possible without losing muscle tissue in the process. This is where the Creatine comes in. Having this helpful supplement as an addition to your nutrition plan will help you to accomplish this.

A typical dose is around 5 grams of Creatine four times a day for the first week to build up the supplement in your body and then only 5 grams a day. However, some experts say that the first week of loading is unnecessary and that you’ll get the same results from just avoiding the first week of loading and start with the normal 5 grams a day.

“I have experienced that I achieve the full affect within a week because I am using the best environment for Creatine to be absorbed! So, no loading for me. Just use it everyday , eat Creatine one hour after a high carb meal, preferably lunch.” – Shredded Empire

When you’re engaged in a regular routine of high intensity work, you need more than the average amount of energy to keep your body working at its optimum level. This energy is usually naturally produced in the body but in limited amounts. Creatine binds to the phosphorus inside the body and is stored there until you need it. That way, when you’re ready to push your body beyond its normal limits you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work much faster.

The true secret to effective use of Creatine during the cutting phase of your new routine should yield you positive results that will be much more visible so that you can show off all of the hard work you’ve done on your personal physique.