Combining Nutrition With Working Out For Better Results

When it comes to working out, whether you’re going for a run in the morning, or hitting the gym after work, giving your body the nutritional support that it needs to carry out your fitness plan is crucial. Just like eating the right kinds of foods throughout your day gives you the energy that you need to manage your work schedule, finding nutritional boosters to match your exercise activities should give you what your body requires to get going, and finish strong. Whether you’re a man following a diet or a woman following a workout, it’s best to always combine the two for optimal results and health.

Fuel Your Workout

With the rise of health conscious gym goers taking the country by storm, more and more men and women are adding protein shakes and energy bars to their daily workout routines as a way of amping up the energy levels before exercising.

“Exercise is the spark, and nutrition is fuel for your metabolism. You can exercise until you are blue in the face, but until you master what you eat, you will never reach your true fitness potential.” – Dr. Mercola

It can be easy to think that if you’re trying to slim down you should skip the meal before your workout, but if you neglect to fuel up, you may not have enough energy to get through your routine. Try blending up a pre-workout smoothie packed with the vitamin enhancement of fresh or frozen fruit, a protein base like whey powder, skim milk or water, and even a spoonful of steel cut oats for some much needed complex carbohydrates.

Revitalize Your Muscles

It isn’t just what goes into your body before your workout that you should be considering though; many gym goers turn to electrolyte boosted sports beverages after a hard day at the gym to revitalize sugar and salt levels. Others turn to protein, because as the basic building blocks of your body, protein is what your muscles need to begin regenerating and growing.

“After a strenuous workout, your body is biochemically primed to suck in nutrients. Your muscles are highly insulin sensitive, which means those carbs you eat can help shuttle protein into your muscles, instead of getting converted into fat.” – Built Lean

If you can’t bring yourself to sit down and eat a small meal or fish or lean chicken breast and salad after the gym, then look to a low fat energy bar with a high protein count as your meal replacement to get your sugar levels back to where they need to be while supplying enough nutritional motivation for muscles to continue developing.

Improve Muscles And Increase Loss Of Fat

You can actually cause the protein synthesis in your body to quicken by eating carbohydrates as well as proteins after you work out. Carbohydrates can help get the much needed proteins to your muscles, and although sitting around eating carbs on the couch may cause you to gain a little extra weight around the middle, when you’re working out the carbohydrates will supply energy instead of padding. Insulin, which is used as a fat storage system, will actually speed up fat loss and build better muscles when it’s released after a good workout.