Bodyweight Mastery Review – Is The Kinobody Program Any Good?

Can you create a ripped physique working on your body only 3 days per week and with no equipment? Your gym guru may not confirm it one way or the other, but Greg O’Gallagher will. He says that he’s helped thousands of people create the body they want simply by using the weight of their body, with no drugs or supplements. In fact, he claims that almost everyone has it wrong when it comes to fitness, and he wants to prove it. But can he? Is his program actually something that can help men and women get a killer body once and for all? This Bodyweight Mastery review will take a look at the program and why it just may live up to its promises.

What Is Bodyweight Mastery?

Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery ProgramThis fitness program spans through eight phases, and all information for the program is accessible instantly. Obviously, each phase prepares you for the next, and each one builds upon that last phase. You learn more advanced bodyweight movements (as you can see in this video – opens in new window) as you go along, and your body changes from level to level too, growing stronger and more muscular.

There are also a few bonuses, including:

  • A nutrition guide that will help you have much more success in the program. It will teach you how to make the most of your diet to increase muscle and burn fat, and it was made specifically for the Bodyweight Mastery program.
  • Visuals of the workout progressions to help you understand exactly how to perform each exercise, demonstrated by Greg. You will even learn appropriate variations to each exercise that will help you get the most of this program.
  • Invitation to join the private Facebook group. The group is active and supportive, and it can help you get pumped and maintain the motivation needed to stick with the bodyweight program and have the success you want.

How The Program Works

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, there is a phase in the Bodyweight Mastery program created for you. If you are a beginner, then starting at phase 1 is perfect, but if you have some strength, then you may want to take the fast track and skip a few of the first few phases.

You can probably find bodyweight training programs from other people, but this program is very specific to Greg’s technique, and it is the technique that has helped thousands of people -including him, experience the success they want.

Training with your bodyweight is about relative strength. In other words, it makes you super strong for your body size. Training with your bodyweight allows you to do incredible things, like squat three times your own bodyweight. You can do things that you wouldn’t be able to achieve simply by being big. This is why people who train with their bodyweight can do incredible strength moves that look effortless.

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About Greg O’Gallagher

Greg O'GallagherGreg has been focused on sculpting his body since he was young, and based on his experience and results, he teaches people how to use their bodyweight and build lean and muscular physiques. He doesn’t just teach this, though, he lives it. He has developed specific movements that encourage the body to grow in strength, burn fat, and gain muscle. He also is a big promoter of intermittent fasting. You can find him on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, and you can check out his website.

Positive Reviews

  • Stop mindlessly exercising and get a clear goal with a tested and tweaked structure!
  • Works every part of your body and gives you amazing core strength
  • No drugs or supplements involved
  • Learn key movements that you can do over and over again to create an awesome physique
  • Promotes low body fat and a proportionate physique
  • Only need to train three days per week
  • Train anywhere you want at any time
  • Impress everyone around you with your ability to do amazing bodyweight exercises
  • Guarantees powerful legs and a powerful upper body
  • Bodyweight training reduces the risk of injury and helps you maintain flexibility
  • This program works, and you can see the results clearly in the creator and people who use it
  • Instant access to the program

Negative Reviews

  • If you want to get huge muscles and a puffy physique, then you won’t be able to do it on this program
  • The program is meant to be challenging in order to challenge your body and change it
  • You have to follow the program precisely for optimal results, including the nutrition program

Where To Buy Bodyweight Mastery?

The program is only available from the official website. There, you simply click on ‘Get Instant Access’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’, and like it says, you will get instant access once you order. They take pretty much all forms of payment. Just remember that the price you see is in USD, so you need to convert it to your own currency to get the total payment required.

Note: As of this Bodyweight Mastery review, there is a discount on the program, but Greg says there is no guarantee that discount will still be there when you check out the program.

Greg believes in his bodyweight program, so he’s offering a money back guarantee. You get to try it out for 2 months, and if your body does not change, you can get a full refund.

Does The Kinobody Program Work?

Looking at Greg and his students in Bodyweight Mastery, it’s hard to deny that it works! Their strength is incredible, and their bodies are amazing. It’s clear that the program works if you follow it.

But you must try the program exactly as it is laid out to get the results you want. If you plan on modifying it, then you won’t be following proven body sculpting and strength movements, and you will not see the results you want. Moreover, you have to follow the nutrition part of the program to get results. Proper nutrition is essential to building the body you want in any workout program, and because this one has been tailored specifically for this program, you need to follow it.

Yes, it’s a lifestyle change, but one that will help you change your body, confidence, health, and pretty much everything else in your life. In fact, after doing this Bodyweight Mastery review, I think that if you can take this kind of control over your body, you will have the discipline to take this kind of control over all areas of your life.

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