3X Abs Review – Is The Workout Program by Adam Steer Any Good?

The ab workout you are doing right now is wrong! That’s what Adam Steer says, and he’s willing to tell you why it’s wrong and what to do instead. Is this something that will help you get the toned core you have been working for, or is this just another claim that will result in little to no results? This 3X Abs review will take a look at whether or not this program is actually something worth buying.

Please note: the information contained in this review will be updated as more info becomes available.

What Is 3X Abs?

adam steerThis ab program was developed to promote a slim waistline and toned core. Other results include less pain, more flexibility, and more energy. The program 3X Abs is essentially the specific exercises and routines that the doctor used with his patients to develop core strength.

Inside you will find:

  1. A quick start guide that will help you quickly get started on your journey with 3X Abs.
  2. A complete video library with all the exercises used in the program that you can access at any time
  3. Level 1 manual, video, and mp3: This section of the program helps you reactive your core by teaching you the foundational core activation exercises in an easy-to-do sequence.
  4. Level 2 manual, video, and mp3: This section of the program will help you build on the success you’ve had from Level 1 and strengthen your core for better and safer results.
  5. Level 3 manual, video, and mp3: This section of the program is an obvious progression of level 2 and will help you feel the strength of your abs like never before.
  6. Level 4 manual, video, and mp3: This section of the program will help you activate your abs at the level that you need to get the final results that you want. After you have built the foundation, this level is what really gives you a deep connection to your core.

As of this review of the 3X Abs workout, you also get an incredible bonus to the program. It is a separate program with different levels that is meant to be done after you master all 4 levels in the 3X Abs program.

This helps you move through the progressively harder ab workouts that really help you get the 6 pack abs that you want. These workouts only take a few minutes each to complete, but they will really help you build the long-lasting strong abs that you want.

How Does It Work?

This is a step-by-step program. You simply go through the levels and do what you are told to do. The only type of equipment that you need for the program is a light weight that you can hold in your hands, but you don’t need that until about 2/3 of the way through the program.

Adam does say that you should add this to your regular cardio and strength workout for best results. This program is not designed to completely replace your workouts, but complement them and give you the results you can’t get from regular workouts. The good news is that these exercises only take a few minutes to do, so they can easily be done after your regular workout for optimal success.

Positive Reviews

  • A step-by-step program to help you get the abs you want to have
  • This is more than just about getting abs you want, it is also about rehabilitating your core system and improving your health
  • Works for everyone at any age thanks to the easy to do progression schedule
  • You can use this program in conjunction with your other programs to speed up results
  • The program will even benefit people with killer abs because it helps to strengthen abs to a point you can’t do with regular exercise
  • Simply add these 2-8 minute exercises after your regular workout for optimal results
  • All the information in instantly accessible because the program is completely digital

Negative Reviews

  • This program requires you to change your habits and incorporate these exercise into your daily life. You will have to find the time and motivation to stick with it!
  • You should be doing a cardio and strength workout on the side to help you get better results from this method

Where To Buy & Guarantee

You can buy directly from the website dedicated to 3X Abs. There you will learn more about the program, the bonus, and why you can’t get the ab results from traditional programs.

Also, when you order from the site, you will be given a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can get all of your money back if you are not happy with the program within 60 days of purchase.

Will 3X Abs Work For You?

If you have tried every ab exercise and technique and have not gotten the results you really want to get, then 3X Abs is definitely a program worth trying. It uses a different method than other ab workouts, which means it should give you different results than other ab workouts.

Will it work, though? Adam Steer says that you will never get the results you want from traditional ab exercise. The fact that Adam is a popular guy among the fitness industry speaks volumes to his claim and this program. He wouldn’t put out a program that he didn’t believe in, which means it has gotten the results for other people that is promised in the program. In short, this ab program should work. And if it doesn’t, you can get your money back.