101 Superfoods That Stop Joint Pain and Inflammation Review – Does Rick Kaselj’s Book Work?

101 Superfoods BookDo you want to know which foods are causing you to be sick, in pain, and potentially lining you up for a lifetime of illness? Moreover, do you want to know which foods will help you reverse the effects those foods have had on your body and start promoting a healthy and strong body free of pain? 101 Superfoods That Stop Joint Pain and Inflammation claims to give you all that information and more, so I did a decided to do a full review of the superfoods book to find out what they are really offering you and whether or not it will really help you become healthier and pain free.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Just as the title suggests, this is a list of foods that will help stop joint pain and inflammation. Inside, you really will find a list. There is not a ton of detail to each food; however, you learn everything you need to know about which foods are important to add to your diet.

In short, the list consists of 101 foods that are healthy for your body and promote good health now and in the future, and it explains exactly why they are healthy. There is no fluff inside of the book to waste time on.

I have not been able to find a detailed list like this anywhere else all in one place, so it really is a great reference list to help you find healthy foods that reverse the effects of inflammation-causing foods that you have likely been eating in your diet regularly.


The promise is that you will feel better in just 2 weeks if you eat these foods and eliminate the inflammation causing foods from your diet. Nutrition is a powerful remedy for many things, and these foods are shown to have a positive effect on your body and health without any drugs or other techniques needed.

Moreover, the 62-page eBook discuses inflammation and how it is causes issues in the body and how it affects your pain. This is essential to know because if you are having pain right now, then you are likely eating foods that are causing that pain to flare up and become worse. If you want to stop the pain, this information can help you figure out how to tweak your diet and start eating a healthier diet that promotes healing rather than inflammation and pain.

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What’s in the Book

  • 101 Remedies Bonus BookWhy hydration is important and how it affects pain.
  • The truth about fat, such as monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, and which fat is the worst fat in your diet.
  • A 7 day anti-inflammatory meal plan to help you make the most out of foods that are health promoting.
  • Which herbal tea will help you relieve pain just as much as aspirin will.
  • A grocery list to make shopping easy and quick.
  • A bonus section that discusses effective supplements for pain relief.

As a bonus, you get the 101 natural remedies for pain relief eBook. If you have been popping pills to deal with your pain, then this is something you will find very useful. There are 7 natural ways to alleviate pain found in this eBook, and it could be your ticket to a pain free life without pills.

About The Creators

Rick and MikeRick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal have teamed up to create this valuable reference, and they are the only authors of this eBook. Rick has been focused on helping people overcome pain and injuries for the past 20 years. To say he knows something about pain is an understatement. People who have suffered from accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries, and join injuries have all found relief thanks to Rick’s knowledge.

Mike is the owner of a popular online website focused on fitness. He contributes to various iron magazines, and has his articles published all over the Internet. He is a personal trainer, and understands a thing or two about pain and healthy living to overcome it.

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Positive Reviews

  • Learn what foods are causing inflammation in your body and stop eating them.
  • Learn what foods will stop your inflammation and promote a healthier body.
  • Learn more about inflammation and pain and what you can do in the way of nutrition to help yourself feel better.
  • Very affordable eBook.
  • All information is precise and easy to read. There is no fluff in this eBook.
  • Get a bonus book that will help you relieve pain naturally.
  • Learn how important your diet really is to your health and start making a life change one food at a time.
  • Written by two guys who have combined expertise in the field of pain and recovery.
  • You get instant access to this product and the bonus after you buy it.
  • 100% money back guarantee

Your health is important to Rick and Mike; therefore, they are offering a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this eBook. They want you to feel better and move better, and if you don’t, simply ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase to get your money back.

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Negative Reviews

  • You will have to cut out the foods that are causing inflammation in your body if you want to start living a healthier life. You will no longer be able to claim ignorance to the foods that are affecting you negatively, because this eBook will lay it out for you very clearly. I know many people who will find this a con and not be ready to give up the foods that they know are bad for them.
  • You will need to add foods to your diet that may not be things you are used to, so it may be hard to do at first. However, once you start replacing the healthier foods for the non-healthy ones, you will likely find it easy to eat healthy and even crave the foods in this superfoods list.

Where To Buy 101 Superfoods

You can buy 101 superfoods directly from the website. During my review of 101 Superfoods book, I found a few other places that were selling the eBook; however, there was no bonus with it and there was definitely no money back guarantee.

In other words, if you want the bonus and money back guarantee, buy directly from the website by clicking here.